Cat boarding

English summary, Cat boarding for our feline friends!

Leaving town for the weekend, or are you planning an extended trip? Treat your cats to a stay at Kattenhotel Catz! We are passionate about creating a safe boarding haven for your cat, when you are away from home.

Our hotel for cats only, was established in 2016. A luxury feline facility in Deurne between Eindhoven and Venlo in the Netherlands. This is a short summary in English for the most important things, if you still have questions, please Contact us by mail or phone! If you call in the evening, my husband will be able to speak to you in French, and i have no difficulties with English or German.

My name is Eva D’Hoe- de Corte. In the past i’ve worked for 10 years as veterinarian assistant at DAC Zuidoost. I’m married to Koen and we have 2 children, Jill and Noah. My husband is a veterinarian and he will oversee our cats in the evening if it’s necessary. In our garden there are also other animals, such as chickens, rabbits and sheep. Our 2 peacocks will greet you at the front door of the hotel.

  • A stay in the Group

Kattenhotel Catz can receive 25 cats, who will eat, sleep and stay together during their holiday with us. We have chosen to look after our cats in a group and not to place them in cages. The hotel has many places to sleep, hide or play and we try to avoid as much stress as we can. We also have a fenced off playground outside for our cats, so that they can enjoy some fresh air and get to see our farm animals.

During the day we’ll provide the cats with unlimited food. On the menu we have Royal Canin dry food. In the evening we have several kinds of wet food for each of them, Whiskas, Sheba, Gourmet or another choice. If your cat has special wishes please let us know!

  • A stay in one of the Suites

For cats who need special medical attention we have suites, separate from the group. It’s possible that a cat with (for example) diabetes or kidney disease comes to stay with us. All suites are designed to provide your cat a warm safe space as well as stimulation during their stay.

Each suite includes vertical space for a feeling of security, comfy beds for sleeping, scratchers for stretching and a place to hide for more quieter cats. They also have a outside area, so they can enjoy being outside.

For boarding at Kattenhotel Catz, please take notice of the following:

  • All the cats who stay with us, have to be vaccinated. Cats withoit the proper vaccinations can NOT stay with us!
  • All cats must be free from transmittable diseases, worms or other parasites and be treated a week before their stay with us,
  • All tomcats must be neutered, from 5 months of age.
  • We have a special offer for young kittens! Follow the link for more information.
  • All cats must have their collars removed,
  • We will take care of your dearest cats. If they need medical care, we will take them to a vet. The treatment will be charged at the owner.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions for a stay with us. These are the general terms and conditions for a stay at Kattenhotel Catz.